Hoping it snows while I’m off work this week 
so I can go on a snowy adventure with my camera

Anonymous asked: "what if i brought you flowers and chocolate on our second and third date. what are the odds we'd have sex?"

Still 0 chance. Don’t date anons.

Anonymous asked: "if i brought you flowers and chocolates on our first date, what are the chances we'd have sex?"

0.0000% you’re anon

Well… Slam Dunk looks shit again this year (apart from Bury Tomorrow and TDWP) Guess Reading or Leeds it is then :D

#wcw @hannahpixiesnow 😍😍😍 need I say anymore

Me and the pug.
Seriously, can I just look like/be Hannah Snowdon already
Anonymous asked: "how about u put on sum weight"

Also how about you get some fuckin’ manners and learn how to spell. That is all xo