I think a lot of overweight girls are hypocrites. I’m naturally tall and skinny, I eat what I want, I don’t starve myself and I am beautiful. So why are you allowed to love your ‘curves’ but it’s wrong for me to love my ‘bones’? Why is it okay to call me anorexic, but horrible for me to call you fat? If you can tell me to ‘gain weight’, why cant I tell you to lose weight? If you can feel beautiful being big, I can feel beautiful being small” - anonymous
^ This! Fuckin’ this! x83297843754890560

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Another meal for dad’s birthday. Cba so plain make up and messy hair it is.

Eeeee! Looks like ima be going travelling quite a bit this year. So freakin’ excited! :D 


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Anonymous asked: "would u um ever consider selling pics?"

I have thought about it but idk. Maybe when I finally get some ink. Plus need someone to come take better ones really and ones on my Polaroid  

Anonymous asked: "I agree, your figure is amazing! ^.^ random question, if you could have any pet, what would it be? :) x"

Awwh well thank you, you’ve made my day. And oh gosh umm there is so many. I already have a cat tho and love her to pieces so I’d pick her every time x

Anonymous asked: "you have a gorgeous figure! how do you maintain it? x"

Awwh thank you! And I honestly have no idea cause some days I eat for England :’) So I just guess biking to and from work and then being on my feet all day helps. x

Maahoosive thank you to the person that brought me this. I love it! ❤️ Its perf! 👌And just so me 💀

I know you get horngry when you’re horny and hungry, but what do you get when you’re horny and drunk?

Off out for a meal for le fathers birthday 🎁🍴🍷🍺