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Exciting times ahead :D

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Glittery goodness ✨🍰✨
amillionhailmaryswontsaveyounow asked: "Would fun maybe involve submits? :3"

Nah. They just make me cringe

Anonymous asked: "eh eh I just got my first Bj isn't this day marvelous?"

Dirty little slut

Anonymous asked: "Really no one has ever said anything like that to you off anon? Someone must be looking out for you"

I’ve had people compliment me off anon yeah, but nothing more ever really gets said

Anonymous asked: "You are gorgeous, I can't believe you're single."

Cause people like you never come off anon. But oh well, like I said in a previous post, this year is literally just gonna be all about fun ;)

Making cakes for when Mumma G gets out of hospital with Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 full blast whilst dancing around in my underwear. What!? I’m home alone. Gotta make the most of it.