Jan 24th, 2014 7:42pm
peejaybottoms asked: "Well aint you a sexy lil kitten."

Oh Benji ^_^ 

P.S go follow him guys, his blog is rad

Anonymous asked: "oh my god i fucking love you!"

heheh ;)

Sold the unicorn my ex got me off my wishlist, made a profit, treated myself to some new underwear, a jumper and obvs… Another fluffy unicorn! 
Anonymous asked: "You dress really nice n stuff and also ur very pretty congrats x"

Awwh thank you :) x

Anonymous asked: "Would do so many naughty things with you ;)"

So many naughty things that I won’t ever be doing with you ;)

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Think my outfit for Saturday night is sorted

Someone take me somewhere so I can wear this beaut again

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