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Anonymous asked: "People (including me) find you very attractive. It's a little rude imo to tell everyone that pays you a compliment that they're wrong even if you do thank them for it."

Well your opinion is a cuntish one because how the fuck is someone rude for not thinking highly of themselves? 

Anonymous asked: "How is physically possible for you to be as stunning as you are? X"

I’m far from stunning but oh my wow thank you! You’ve made my day xo

Anonymous asked: "Your hair looks so nice like that! The colour and having it up too, aw x"

Awwh thank you anon :) x


Really wanna wear this for works Christmas party but… Don’t think it’d be appropriate :(
Anonymous asked: "I Swear that's you laying down on the bed in black tights getting fucked"

I swear I have red hair…

Anonymous asked: "Beautiful <3"

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My hair is up. Why is my hair up. My hair is never up. 💇👧