Anonymous asked: "how about u put on sum weight"

Also how about you get some fuckin’ manners and learn how to spell. That is all xo

Anyone know where I can buy size 4 clothes from
as a lot of size 6 stuff is getting to big for me now
(also I’m fairly tall so petite size 4 will be no good)



Sold the unicorn my ex got me off my wishlist, made a profit, treated myself to some new underwear, a jumper and obvs… Another fluffy unicorn! 

'Unicorns I love them'

Typical… My hair goes pretty much perfect when I’m just popping to shops 😠
CANDY KITTEN! 🍭🐱 #candykittens #jamielaing #madeinchelsea
Anonymous asked: "I want you."

I want, doesn’t get