Another meal for dad’s birthday. Cba so plain make up and messy hair it is.

Eeeee! Looks like ima be going travelling quite a bit this year. So freakin’ excited! :D 


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Anonymous asked: "would u um ever consider selling pics?"

I have thought about it but idk. Maybe when I finally get some ink. Plus need someone to come take better ones really and ones on my Polaroid  

Anonymous asked: "I agree, your figure is amazing! ^.^ random question, if you could have any pet, what would it be? :) x"

Awwh well thank you, you’ve made my day. And oh gosh umm there is so many. I already have a cat tho and love her to pieces so I’d pick her every time x

Anonymous asked: "you have a gorgeous figure! how do you maintain it? x"

Awwh thank you! And I honestly have no idea cause some days I eat for England :’) So I just guess biking to and from work and then being on my feet all day helps. x

Maahoosive thank you to the person that brought me this. I love it! ❤️ Its perf! 👌And just so me 💀

I know you get horngry when you’re horny and hungry, but what do you get when you’re horny and drunk?

Off out for a meal for le fathers birthday 🎁🍴🍷🍺
Having serious withdrawal symptoms. Need to seem them again.